Coaching Resources

This page is for coaches and managers of Junior and Senior teams and will be updated with various items relevant to help with coaching and/or managing your team. Feel free to suggest other items such as web links or documents that you come across that may be of interest to others. Send to

Parental support
Positive Parents Fact Sheet Positive Factsheet
Building Blocks of Coaching
4-3-3 FFA Preferred Formation

Blue Card_Application-Form_P10

In case of concussion: FFA Concussion Guidelines

Coaching manuals
National Curriculum

Squirts (3-5 ages)
Squirts training template

MiniRoos Introduction
MiniRoos website
MiniRoos Rules 4-7 age groups (age specific games are organised by each zone. For instance, in 2014 we started MiniRoos at U6. This may change in future years)
MiniRoos Rules 8-11 age groups
MiniRoos formats
MiniRoos Field layouts

Juniors – All Ages
2015 Junior Comp Rules – Revised
2015 Junior Player Age Policy – Revised

Youth training template
8 mistakes Youth Coaches make

2015 Senior Comp Rules – Revised
2015 Premier League Comp Rules – Revised Draft

Useful websites/videos
Australia’s Digital Football Training Guide
Warm Ups 11+ (FIFA injury prevention)
Taping Techniques

Football links